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The Eurasian Digital Trade Development Foundation was established by the Russian Pearl Service Company, in conjunction with the Russia-China One Belt and One Road Strategic Development Research Association to provide policy support, and the Russian-Chinese Blockchain Innovation Technology Research Institute to provide technical support. An investment management and advisory agency for sub-digital trade ecosystem issues, and build a cross-border trade ecosystem with borderless application circulation, trustworthy, and traceable data assets through trust, so that each participant can share resources and value to innovate Thinking leads a new era in which the digital economy drives the development of the real economy. The core business includes blockchain infrastructure investment, health care fund, agricultural and forestry resource industry investment, environmental and ecological enterprise services, structured financing, asset management and special investment, management of blocks The scale of the chain industry guidance fund exceeds 50 billion rubles.

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Company Profile

Established in July 2015, the Russian Pearl Sea Service Company aims to find effective partners and investors for Chinese and Southeast Asian companies and establish mutual trust business partnerships. It forms a carrier for exchanges and cooperation between governments and institutions in various fields. It also provides the most valuable services for Chinese and Southeast Asian enterprises in business legal affairs, customs clearance, logistics and other aspects. In the field of innovation and technology, it has become a well-known professional technical solution provider in the Eurasian green economy and trade system. Its shareholding companies include: Qinhuangdao Hotel, the largest Chinese hotel in Eastern Europe, Northwest Russia Import and Export Trading Company, and Russia-China Business Center.

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team introduction

Committed to the cause

The GTP team includes developers who are prestigious in the industry and have experience in successful projects, as well as senior operators and experts who have been immersed in the target industry for many years. The GTP team is a team that focuses on the basics and landing applications of the blockchain industry. There are now more than 70 blockchain research, technology and business teams. With the development of GTP and the increase in application market share, the fund The club will adopt an open attitude to attract talents who are willing to contribute to the community.



Founder of the private club of venture investors
chairman of sub-committee of the digital economy of the party «Business Russia»
Member of the expert council of economic policy, industry and
innovation development of youth parliament of State Duma of the Federal
Assembly of Russian Federation






Managing Director,



Head of Russia,
venture investor from 2014


Parent company introduction

Yandex is one of Russia's important web service portals. According to Gallup Media, ФОМ and Комкон survey company data, Yandex is the website with the most users on the Russian network. At the beginning of 2006, the number of daily visits to Yandex (including foreign visitors) reached 4 million. The services currently provided by Yandex include search, latest news, maps and encyclopedias, e-mail, e-commerce, Internet advertising and other services. Yandex's market share in Russian local search engines has far surpassed Russian Google.

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core advantages

Through years of acquisition and integration, Yandex has a wealth of business, including: search engine homepage, professional search services (news, pictures, videos, blogs, etc.), electronic maps and location-based services (LBS), email and personal services, Mobile applications and services, application software services and server application services, etc. has developed into Russia's leading online payment platform. In 2010, online payment commissions from the platform generated 260 million rubles in revenue. Payment is very important, especially in today's rapid development of various transactions on the Internet.

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Yandex attaches great importance to the research and development of independent search and other technologies. The development of the company is inseparable from technology research and development.


Yandex compares itself to Baidu in China and Naver in South Korea. Based on the Russian language foundation, Yandex attaches importance to providing all-round services including search for Russian users. In 2010, revenue from Russia accounted for 98% of its total revenue.


Yandex established a data research center in Russia to cultivate technical talents. The company and the entire Russia respect technological culture

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