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Professional background

Russia-China Blockchain Innovation Technology Research Institute. In order to promote the application of blockchain technology, find practitioners of blockchain technology application innovation, summarize advanced experience, and promote the level of blockchain technology application in the Eurasian digital economy and trade, the Institute is based on key issues in the development of the industry and gathers Innovative elements such as high-end think tanks, underlying technologies, application scenarios, human resources, open source communities, investment incubation, etc., aim to integrate resources and industrialize development, form a new cooperation mechanism of "politics, industry, academia, and research", and jointly build a blockchain industry Ecological community.

The Russia-China One Belt and One Road Strategic Development Research Association is based on high-end think tanks, well-known commercial organizations, and overseas Chinese groups in Russia and China, to promote policy communication and people-to-people bonds in the integration initiative of the “Belt and Road” and the “Eurasian Economic Union” Practical cooperation in interconnection and interoperability, specially established research and implementation institutions, to efficiently promote economic cooperation and cultural exchanges between China and the countries along the “Belt and Road”, accelerate the economic and social development of the countries along the route, and contribute to the green industry and trade of Russia-China One Belt and One Road. Provide policy services and support.

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