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Project Introduction

GTP uses self-developed open source smart contracts, with an estimated global circulation of 100 million. Open the third-party API interface, and later match and issue the stable currency GRUB to help users all over the world develop Dapps.

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Points platform

Alliance Standard Points Management Agency Enterprise Points Exchange Standards and Rules Formulation Platforms for Consumers to Exchange Enterprise Points Supervise the transaction behavior of all parties

Points Merchant

Provide channels for point generation, provide point consumption scenarios, increase sales revenue, and obtain user traffic


Earn points in the consumption of alliance companies. Exchange and trade on the points platform. You can consume points in the corresponding consumption scenarios.

Stocks on a Screen

The origin of GTP is to build a four-layer ecology of GTP around the four dimensions of "trust, value, technology, and scene", so that the decentralized blockchain network and system can be connected with it, and the physical world and the Internet world can be connected with it. The blockchain world is integrated, integrating the three worlds into one, creating a unified world of barrier-free value transmission.


Trust is the cornerstone of human civilization. GTP has established a distributed shared trust mechanism based on blockchain technology.


The blockchain essentially realizes the decentralized value transfer of digital assets. All assets registered on the GTP exist in the form of specific values, and they participate in transactions between entities to realize the transfer of value.


GTP adopts a variety of cutting-edge and self-developed blockchain technologies, six core technologies: scalable DAPP architecture, multi-layer consensus mechanism, sharding technology, blockchain connector, distributed operating system and super security.


GTP supports the connection with various blockchain networks, decentralized centralized systems, and various participating entities to realize the support and connection of business scenarios.


Value shaping

1. Enabling entities through technology to issue TEW general points to users based on their consumption behavior and consumption value. The points can be used as a means of value storage, and its value comes from the use value and profit value in commodity circulation and trade. ;
2. GTP promotes in-depth recognition of product development and lasting consumption through the value of consumer behavior assets, and then links to supply and incentives, which can help the consumption value within the enterprise system to better cycle;
3. In the GTP ecosystem, consumers can break through the restriction of a single identity, and become the shaping and unification of multiple identities such as investors, operators, and communicators, thereby greatly tapping the value it contains;
4. The GTP ecosystem does not depend on a certain platform and can exist independently. It has open nodes and distributed storage in the underlying database. Through the proof of consumption rights and interests, each user can obtain corresponding rights and interests fairly based on their own contributions, and rely on smart contracts, Incentive mechanism, rapid confirmation of rights, circulation and transactions.

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